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    1. Introduction to Private Equity

    2. Private Equity Investment Strategies

    3. Understanding the Investment Thesis

    4. Portfolio Construction

    5. Deal Sourcing

    6. Due Diligence

    7. Financial Analysis

    8. Operational Analysis

    9. Legal Analysis

    10. Market Analysis

    11. The Key to Investment: How to Evaluate a Company's Worth

    12. Pre-money Valuation

    13. Post-Money Valuation

    14. Deal Terms and Compensation Structures

    15. Portfolio Management

    16. Workshop: Virtual Portfolio Company Management Simulation

    17. Private Markets vs. Public Markets

    18. Risk vs. Reward

    19. Accredited Investor

    20. Angel Investor vs. Limited Partner

    21. Test Your Knowledge: Private Equity Quiz

    22. What do I need to know as a LP (Limited Partner) in a private equity firm?

    23. As an angel investor in an investment club, what should I be aware of?

    24. Case Studies

    25. Additional Resources

    26. Glossary of Terms

    27. Join the Raleway Ventures Investment Club

Private Equity 101: Fundamentals and Techniques for Investor Success

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